Red Snapper crudo — 1 serving

1/2 tomato grated
280g red snapper (1 filete)
1/5 red onion in very thin slices
1 stem coriander
bit of salt
bit of tabasco
5 black olives
1 lemon

  • Grate tomatoes on a box grater until all the flesh is grated and there is just skin left; discard skin. Transfer tomato pulp to a small bowl and season lightly with kosher salt.

  • Cut lemon half into quarters; remove seeds and white pith in the center. Thinly slice quarters.

  • Place fish on a cutting board. Hold a long knife at a 45° angle and cut fish with the grain into ¼"-thick slices (use a sharp blade and aim for one long, clean stroke). Cut each slice in half crosswise.

  • Arrange sea bream on chilled plates. Spoon a bit of grated tomato around and scatter lemon pieces over. Top with arugula, olives, and onion. Pour lemon juice over, then drizzle with oil and sprinkle with sea salt.